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  • D6 Family


    D6 Family provides a hub for the D6 initiative by Randall House Publishing. Users can watch videos, read simple ways to connect with your kids, and purchase resources from the online store.

  • Ridecrest Camps


    Christian camps for Boys and Girls in North Carolina

  • Acts of Sharing


    Acts of Sharing is a start-up dedicated to encouraging people to share items and services in their own communities. Working with the founder of Acts of Sharing, Anthology created the design and built the service from scratch

  • Valley Family Church


  • Ridgecrest Conference Center


  • UpDesk


  • Gyroskope


    Gyroskope is an online platform that allows producers to monetize video creations. The site serves as a video conversion service and an online store to help independent producers connect with fans and make money in the process.

  • Warner Music Nashville: 2010


    We enjoyed working with Warner Music Nashville to design and build this vibrant page to preview upcoming releases from the label in 2010.

  • Candle Wishes


    The Candle Wishes organization was created to impact the lives of children in need by making birthday wishes come true.

  • The Hill Identity Design

  • Glorieta Conference Center


  • Lady Antebellum App


    This Facebook application gives Lady Antebellum fans the opportunity to display love for the group on their Facebook profile. The widget-like app serves up news and photos of the band along with a streaming song.

  • D6 Conference


    The D6 Conference site serves as a large information hub for this annual conference. Participants can check the conference schedule, register for the conference, and even find restaurants nearby to plan time during breaks.

  • VBS Reveal App


  • Leeland


    LeelandOnline.com serves as a hub for fans to read the band's blog, listen to music, and check out upcoming concerts. The "Social Stream" on the homepage aggregates blog entries, videos uploaded to YouTube, and the band member's individual Twitter feeds.

  • Casting Crowns


    To spur fan-driven social media marketing for the upcoming Casting Crowns album, we worked with Provident Music Group to create a site where fans can stream songs from the album and share with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and Email.

  • Tenth Avenue North


    The 2009 Dove Artist of the Year, Tenth Avenue North, use their site to keep fans up to date with tour schedules, news, videos, photos, music and whatever else might be on their mind. Fans can purchase Tenth Avenue North music and swag as well as sign up for the Tenth Avenue North email list.

  • Game Plan for Life

    Game Plan For Life is an initiative by Joe Gibbs, former NFL coach and current NASCAR owner. The site features in-depth articles and quick reads called "2 minute drills" about topics that are the foundation of the game plan for life.

  • Modern Parables


    Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study curriculum on Jesus’ parables. The site not only allows customers to purchase tangible products from the online store, but also purchase the films in digital download format.

  • Faith Hill "Red Umbrella" Digital Single

    Anthology provided this design that was featured as the cover artwork for Faith Hill's digital single, "Red Umbrella."

  • The Brink


    TheBrinkOnline.com provides a community for The Brink magazine readers as well as anyone interested in The Brink curriculum. The site's "Small Group Hub" section allows people to form groups, establish group leaders and communicate through the site's discussions forum.

  • Revive


    ReviveBand.com is the official site for Revive. It provides a solid framework for promoting the band and offers a great community for fans. Music, videos, news, tour info and more are all readily available.

  • Blake Shelton Digital Singles

    Anthology has been fortunate to design several of Blake Shelton's digital singles including, "She Wouldn't Be Gone," "Home," and an exclusive for Rhapsody.

  • Casey Jame


    Casey Jame's MySpace page serves as a hub for fans. The theme that we designed and implemented is light and fun, yet professional.

  • Gloriana "The Way It Goes" Digital Single

    This design identified "The Way It Goes," the recently released digital EP from the fresh new country act, Gloriana.

  • Big & Rich MySpace


    Anthology partnered with Warner Bros. Records Nashville to update the official Big & Rich MySpace site to match their recently released Greatest Hits album.

  • Faith Hill MySpace Design


    When Faith Hill released her Christmas album, Joy To The World, in 2008, Anthology rebranded Faith's MySpace page design to reflect the album.

  • C2


    The C2 project is a movie-driven small group study. Users of the site can watch trailers for the two films and discuss.

  • The Wreckers


    The Wreckers’ MySpace page provides an easy way for fans to connect with each other and to the artists.

  • Daystar Counseling


    Daystar Counseling offers counseling to kids and families in the Middle Tennessee area. Participants can make donations, register and pay for events, get to know the staff and read about all of the wonderful services Daystar Counseling provides.

  • James Otto


    Anthology created the creative design for James Otto's official site, which serves as a general hub and network for his fans. Users can discuss news, check tour dates, and listen to music.

  • The One Love


    The One Love is a non-profit initiative that encourages musicians to blog in order to support the many charities partnered with The One Love, including Invisible Children, Save Darfur, Autism Speaks, and many others. Fans can join to discuss blog entries created by the artists.

  • Thom Rainer


    Anthology supplied the creative and design assets for Thom Rainer's blog site. Dr. Rainer is the President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources.

  • Jason Jones


    The official Jason Jones site serves as a simple jumping page for fans. The widget-driven design includes tour information, Twitter aggregation, and links to MySpace, Facebook, and other key locations.

  • James Otto "Just Got Started Lovin' You" Digital Single

    This design was featured as the cover artwork for the digital single, "Just Got Started Lovin' You," released in 2007.

  • Praise Baby


    Praise Baby is the official site for the Praise Baby Collection products. Users can preview the DVDs and CDs and read the Prasie Baby blog for great tips. Users are also able to upload photos and create a blog about their baby to share with friends and family.

  • PodPoint


    PodPoint is a service that facilitates the creation and management of podcast for churches and Christian-based organizations. Listeners can listen to the podcasts directly on the site or through a podcast client like iTunes.

  • Phones For Cell


    The Phones For Cell site serves customers by allowing them to search for used mobile phones and accessories available for purchase. Customers can purchase directly on the site.

  • Newton Media


    Newton Media's official site serves as a general information hub for the company and potential clients.

  • Larry The Cable Guy MySpace Design


    This design was given to the Larry The Cable Guy MySpace page during the Christmas season to promote Larry's new release, "Christmastime in Larryland."

  • Clear Magazines


    CLEARMagaines.com is the landing point for the CLEAR Devotional Magazine products. Users can preview the magazines, leave reviews, and download free resources to use in tandem with the products, which can be purchased easily through the site.

  • Yet I Will Praise Him


    Yet I WIll Praise Him is a video-driven initiative to preserve stories of faith from generation to generation. Users can create an account and upload videos to chronicle their story and then share with a friend. Organizations can create channels to form a community around a certain group.

  • LifeWay Conference Centers Blog


    The LifeWay Conference Centers blog serves as a general communication device for LifeWay's multiple conferences. The design reflects the nature-centric settings of the conference centers.

  • The Wreckers Video Portal


    Powered by Brightcove, this portal offers fans exclusive video content from The Wreckers.

  • Randy Travis Onesheet

    This onesheet was a print piece created during Randy's return to Warner Bros. Records as a promotional info sheet.

  • Come To The Well


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