Life Optimization and Efficiency

By Nathan Moore

I have always been a freak about efficiency - I guess it is a combination of having an appreciation for aspects of engineering and having the tendency to be slightly obsessive-compulsive from time to time. Optimization yields efficiency.

In my day-to-day life, I try to optimize whenever possible - from lines of code in a long web app to simple things like how many loads of laundry I do in a given month. I always try to find the fastest way to get from point A to point B without affecting the quality of the end product.

Optimization is really key to progressing and evolving as an individual. As you optimize aspects in your life, you can begin to take on new things, bigger responsibilities, and explore different options.

Programmers always boast about optimization of code, but I think the principle can apply to all areas of our life - even design. Some of the best designs I have seen have been optimized for simplicity and communication. It is all about getting the core functionality of something and removing the clutter.


Created by Anthology: Election Countdown Widget Lands as Featured Download on

By Nathan Moore

Recently, Anthology created an election countdown widget for Apple’s Dashboard (OS X) to help promote a new site called Help Me Vote 08. Help Me Vote provides a leadership analysis for each of the presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain - then allows you to compare your rankings with others.

This morning, Apple featured the Election Countdown widget on the homepage of the widget directory. Awesome.

Download the widget:


Top 10 Best Commercials During the 2008 Olympic Games

By Nathan Moore

The 2008 Olymipcs not only showcased the best athletes in the world, but also the best commercials in the world. Clearly, the marketing opportunities are huge during Olympic broadcasts and several companies stepped up to the plate. The following commercials are the best of the 2008 Olympics - they are engaging, compelling, and inspiring.

10. Coca-Cola: Bird’s Nest

9. GM: I Was Made For You

8. Home Depot: Sweat

7. Visa GO WORLD Series: Michael Phelps 8 Gold Medals

6. GM: Gas Station/Chevy Volt

5. Coke: Olympics and Special Olympics

4. Visa GO WORLD Series: Kerri Strug

3. Nike: Courage (I’ve Got Soul)

2. Visa GO WORLD Series: Come Together

1. Visa GO WORLD Series: Derek Redmond

And a Bonus… the worst commercial of the 2008 Games.

McDonald’s “Golden” Sandwich Commercial The Opposite Way Splash for Leeland

By Nathan Moore

Anthology recently had the opportunity to develop a custom spash page for the band Leeland. The project consisted of time-released videos of each band member on the splash page. These videos were humorous and received great response from fans.

A secondary page was created to communicate the band’s “Opposite Way” movement - living the opposite way of the world. This page carried a more serious tone and allowed people to leave stories about how they were living the opposite way. The stories shared here were inspirational to other fans.

The Opposite Way Movement

Leeland on iTunes


Facebook: Personal Life vs. Business Life

By Nathan Moore

Video Link

Now that more and more people are jumping on Facebook these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult for professionals to separate their online business life from their online personal life. As the video clip above proves, the convergence of these segments in social media are starting to cause problems for professionals.

Which brings up a good question: Should your business life and personal life really be segregated?

Whatever you do in your free time is a reflection on you, right? You are you. Your actions on the weekend reflect on your 9-to-5 life and vis versa.

If you like to go out and party on the weekends, be ready to take responsibility for images that may be posted of you on Facebook. Be ready to have friends write things like “you were totally wasted last night” on your wall. These are reflections of you. You should not feel that you need to hide that, and if you do try to hide that, you are not being true to yourself.

Facebook has allowed anyone that you befriend to journey with you in your personal life. They are able to see where you go, follow what you do, and monitor who you hang out with. You are not able to separate these and exist effectively in the social media world.

The only way to keep embarrassing content from showing up on Facebook is to realize that your business life and your personal life is one. And people will respect you if you act accordingly. If you do not place yourself in potentially embarassing situtations, you have nothing to worry about. A little integrity can go a long way.

Itegrity in your personal life = interity in your business life.