Wow, Netflix Knows More About Me Than I Thought

By Nathan Moore

I was browsing through my Netflix account today and stumbled upon this recommendation that seemed to be a little too accurate:





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Compass Cinema Launches Modern Parables Digital Store

By Nathan Moore

Yesterday, Compass Cinema launched the Modern Parables Digital Store.

Acclaimed as “Bible Studies For People Who Like Movies,” Modern Parables is a set of six short films based on modernize versions of Jesus’ parables from the Bible.  These six films are now available for individual digital download in Quicktime or Windows Media format. Video quality options range from free iPod versions of the films to full HD ready-for-your-massive-home-theater versions ($26.99).

In full disclosure, Anthology Creative designed and implemented the online digital store.

Modern Parables Digital Store


So Why Blog?

By Nathan Moore

So, now that I have started a blog (for real this time, I promise), why is it worth it? Why should I blog?

My reasons come down to these three things:

1. Content Is a Promotion Strategy

Time to promote - There is no denying that in this new blog/podcast/online video age, content can serve as promotion for just about anything - and for much less than one would spend on newspaper ads, billboards, chess tournament sponsorships, etc.  There is absolutely no reason for a company to not be constantly producing content, even if it is micro-content such as tweets.

2. I Need to Give Back

Time to get all sentimental - I would honestly not be where I am today if it were not for the tools, articles, tutorials, etc. that I have found on the internet (thank you, Google). And frankly, until now, I have pretty much been a take-take-take type of information consumer. It is time for me to start producing content for other people that are just as curious as I have been and are looking for new information, interesting approaches to problems, and the like.

3. Blogging Pushes Me Further

Time to be effective -  In order to blog effectively, I will need to research. I will need to keep up with what is going on in new media and the internet world. Blogging about these topics will more-or-less force me to become an expert in these topics and to stay relevant. But, don’t get me wrong - you do not need to do these things in order to start a blog - I just feel that I need to stay on top of these things in order to blog effectively.

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The Anthology Blog

By Nathan Moore

Yes, I have been the person that recommends blogging to just about everyone I know. However, my attempt to blog previously has been halted on every occasion due to a variety of reasons - mostly me and my lack of focus on any one topic. But, nevertheless, here is the Anthology Creative blog - a blog about design, web development, and just about anything else related to the new media sector.

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